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Palacký University

Academic authorities

prof. Ing. Mgr. et Mgr. Peter Tavel, Ph.D.
tel.: 585 637 001
E-mail: peter.tavel(at) 



Great Chancellor:
Mons. Jan Graubner

Chairperson of the Academic Senate:
Mgr. Jaroslav Franc, Th.D.
tel.: 585 637 176
E-mail: jaroslav.franc(at)

Vice-Dean for Science and Research:
Mgr. Vít Hušek, Th.D.
tel.: 585 637 004
E-mail: vit.husek(at)

Vice-Dean for Organisation, Development, External Relations and Further Education:
Mgr. Marta Lucie Cincialová, Th.D.
tel.: 585 637 002
e-mail: marta.cincialova(at)

Vice-Dean for Study and Education:
doc. Petr Chalupa, Th.D.
tel.: 585 637 003
e-mail: petr.chalupa(at)  

Vice-Dean for Foreign Relations:
Mgr. Tomáš Parma, Th.D.
tel.: 585 637 110
E-mail: tomas.parma(at)

Mgr. Ivan Drábek
tel.: 585 637 008
e-mail: ivan.drabek(at)


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