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Palacký University


Research activites

Martin Cajthaml 

  • Munich & Göttingen Phenomenology
  • Jan Patočka
  • Plato and Platonism
  • Philosophical relativism
  • Spiritual foundations of Europe
  • Philosophical ethics

Petr Dvořák

Focuses on late medieval and early modern scholastic philosophy and logic from the perspective of contemporary analytic philosophy. His main areas of interest are philosophical logic, metaphysics and the philosophy of religion.  

Václav Ventura

  • Patrology
  • Monasticism
  • Eastern Christianity and ecumenism

Vít Hušek 

  • Patristics and late antiquity, early Christianity
  • Philosophical and theological hermeneutics

Vlastimil Vohánka

  • Ethics (Max Scheler, Dietrich von Hildebrand)
  • Modal Epistemology
  • Moral Epistemology
  • Religious Epistemology

Jan Koblížek 

  • Political philosophy
  • Social ethics
  • Phenomenology
  • French philosophy



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